My Story

My adventure in bread started in high school and has only intensified as I have grown older.  My dad traveled around the world and was able to try some amazing foods. He always told me that if you were going to eat bread, eat good bread!  Later in life, I was fortunate enough to go to culinary school and to really delve into the world of sourdough bread.  We made a starter using organic grapes and a portion of our grade was based on being able to keep our starter alive for the quarter. Needless to say, I was hooked!  After school I interned at a European bakery in California before managing a bakery and then going out on my own.

I also have a passion for horses which were a huge part of my life when I was growing up.  I have found that there is a connection between horses and baking bread.  They both require patience, perseverance, and spending a lot of time alone with your thoughts.  Just when you think you’ve figured it out, either the horse or the dough quickly proves you are only just beginning.  I hope you come along with me in my journey of the dough; it truly is an amazing ride.